Episode IV: Viintara


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Episode IV: Viintara
© 2016 HÄANA

Experience the depths of meditation with DEEPSØNØS.

Production, Violins, Vocals, Composition by HÄANA
Snowy Textures recorded in Fairbanks, Alaska, by Joed Polly
Mixed by Dave Sharma, Sharmaji Music, Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by Shawn Hatfield, Audible Oddities, Oakland, CA
Cover image by Photos by Haana
Design by HÄANA


released April 24, 2016
Episode IV: Viintara is designed to take you deep into a sonic meditation experience, a full-spectrum sound journey composed at 432hz. For an initial exposure to this journey, try the hi-rez audio file on some quality speakers with a subwoofer, or on really good headphones. Close your eyes and drop into another world.

I infused Viintara with stillness and invoked a feeling of hibernation, peace and quiet. I envisioned a beautiful snowy white environment that envelops one in stillness, the gentle embrace of a quiet peace. I recorded an interplay of piano and violin, breathy icy vocals, and incorporated electronic production on deep bass frequencies, synths, muted heartbeat drums and sound effects. I also manipulated field recordings of icicles clinking, a gloved hand gently wiping the windowpane of snow, the crunch of boots on the snow-covered ground, the stark faraway call of a raven, and frozen branches creaking in the wind, recorded by my friend Joed Polly in Fairbanks, Alaska. It's a hi-fidelity sonic sound journey.

Episode IV is 10 minutes long. Perfect for a #take10 meditation, a sweet savasana at the end of yoga, a little background music for studying or chilling out at the end of your day. The music soundtrack is designed to harmonize at the cellular level, the deep bass frequencies ground you, the textures tie you into the deep winter emotions of stillness and reflection.



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DEEPSØNØS Los Angeles, California

a sonic meditation experience by HÄANA. Sign up for your free 10-min sonic meditation download: deepsonos.com.

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